Coaches Committee

The Coaches Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to furthering KEEN’s mission. Committee members work together to take on leadership responsibilities within programs, run KEEN sessions, develop new programs, recruit new volunteers, plan special events, and manage other matters consistent with KEEN’s mission and the Board’s direction. These expectations have been adjusted given our current move to online-only programs.

Coaches Committee Expectations:

The expectations are a bit more fluid than before, as we continue to figure out the best way to implement our new virtual model. Still, we suggest contributing in some of the following ways:

  • Continue volunteering within some virtual KEEN sessions, with a goal of connecting with the program on a monthly basis
  • Take leadership in developing, planning, and facilitating simple online activities
  • Assist with additional virtual programming responsibilities and improvements
  • Respond promptly if contacted by the Executive Director for assistance
  • Take initiative and bring ideas that enhance KEEN’s mission to the Board and/or Executive Director
  • Participate in the Coaches Committee for a period of 12 months
  • Be a liaison for KEEN in the community. Spread the word about our program. Share on social media.
  • Let the Executive Director know of any potential partnership opportunities you may be aware of related to program expansion, sponsorship, fundraising, etc. 

What Coaches Committee Members can expect from KEEN staff:

  • At minimum, monthly communications with updates specifically related to the Coaches Committee
  • Flexibility and understanding of your schedule. While we want our Coaches Committee volunteers to be committed and attend our program on a regular basis, but we understand that you are doing this as a volunteer. Please communicate your schedule clearly with the Executive Director if there is a period in your life where you are not able to commit as much time to the program.
  • Virtual check-ins every 4-8 weeks depending on program needs.

Coaches Committee Roles and Responsibilities

There are many things the Executive Director needs assistance with related to programming. Given our new virtual platform, the following our ways Coaches Committee members can contribute to the organization.

  • Welcoming and orienting new virtual volunteers (training outline will be provided).
  • Developing and facilitating online activities.
  • Becoming a leader for the monthly ‘KEEN Buddy Session’ where we will break out into small groups (i.e. 2 volunteers, 2 athletes) so that we can continue to build relationships and encourage interactions among our athletes.
  • Providing technical assistance during online sessions.
  • Aiding with volunteer engagement.
  • Regular participation in some of the KEEN community events (i.e. Dance-a-Thon, virtual KEENfest, Any K virtual race)
  • Promoting KEEN related events within their own networks.
  • Bringing your ideas and feedback to the Executive Director! I you have any of your own thoughts on how our program can be better, please make your suggestions.
  • Recognition of our athlete birthdays.
  • Editing our KEEN Chicago podcast.
  • Representing KEEN Chicago at community events (i.e. small virtual fundraisers or volunteer fairs).
  • Aiding with fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in being a part of this group to support KEEN's programming, please email

KEEN Chicago Coaches Committee Members:
Mikaela Aquino
Mike Bettinardi

Nick Geeslin
Sarah Hoesley
Chaitra Subramaniam
Craig Wischmeyer