Coaches Committee

The Coaches Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to furthering KEEN’s mission. Committee members work together to take on leadership responsibilities within programs, run KEEN sessions, develop new programs, recruit new volunteers, plan special events, and manage other matters consistent with KEEN’s mission and the Board’s direction.  We are looking for dedicated leaders to be a part of the Coaches Committee, particularly those who  may be interested in facilitating recreational activities for our Athletes. Email with questions.

To express interest in joining our program leadership team, fill out our very short Coaches Committee Member application here.

Coaches Committee Expectations:

  • Commit 5 hours of time each month to KEEN Chicago’s mission.
  • Join a virtual or in-person KEEN session approximately once per month. Our goal will be to have one Coaches Committee member present at each session.
  • Commit to planning + facilitating at least one activity at an in-person or online session every 6 months.
  • Respond promptly if contacted by KEEN staff for assistance
  • Bring ideas that enhance KEEN’s mission to the Board and/or KEEN staff members.
  • Participate in the Coaches Committee for a period of 6 months. (This is likely to eventually increase to a 12 month commitment as it was in the past.)
  • Communicate clearly with KEEN staff when you need to miss a session or a meeting.
  • Be a liaison for KEEN in the community. Spread the word about our program. Share on social media.
  • When possible, attend and/or promote fundraising events to your networks.
  • Let the Executive Director know of any potential partnership opportunities you may be aware of related to program expansion, sponsorship, fundraising, etc. 

What Coaches Committee Members can expect from KEEN staff:

  • At minimum, monthly communications with updates specifically related to the Coaches Committee
  • Flexibility and understanding of your schedule. While we want our Coaches Committee volunteers to be committed and attend our program on a regular basis, but we understand that you are doing this as a volunteer. Please communicate your schedule clearly with the Executive Director if there is a period in your life where you are not able to commit as much time to the program, or if you need to take a break from the committee.
  • Virtual or in-person meetings to connect as a team approximately every 2-3 months based on program needs. Team meetings are optional but we encourage you to attend if possible!

If you are interested in being a part of this group to support KEEN's programming, please email

KEEN Chicago Coaches Committee Members:

  • Mike Bettinardi
  • Bryan Huang
  • Trina Bhattarai
  • Ahad Bootwala
  • Austin Dixon
  • Keshava Gali
  • Nick Geeslin
  • Greg Grigoropoulos
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Chandan Saini
  • Jing Ma
  • Aria Meshkati