Coaches Committee

The Coaches Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to furthering KEEN’s mission. Committee members work together to take on leadership responsibilities within programs, run KEEN sessions, develop new programs, recruit new volunteers, plan special events, and manage other matters consistent with KEEN’s mission and the Board’s direction.

Coaches Committee Expectations:

  • Continue consistently volunteering at KEEN sessions (at least 1x/month recommended)
  • Assist with additional responsibilities within sessions and/or be willing to lead sessions in the absence of the Program Director
  • Uphold KEEN standards in the absence of the Program Director
  • Respond promptly if contacted by the Program Director for assistance
  • Take initiative and bring new ideas that enhance KEEN’s mission to the Board and/or Program Director
  • To participate in the Coaches Committee for a period of 12 months

What Coaches Committee Members can expect from KEEN staff:

  • At minimum, quarterly communications with updates specifically related to the Coaches Committee
  • Flexibility and understanding of your schedule. While we want our Coaches Committee volunteers to be committed and attend our program on a regular basis, but we understand that you are doing this as a volunteer. Please communicate your schedule clearly with the Program Director if there is a period in your life where you are not able to commit as much time to the program.
  • Occasional training related to improving KEEN sessions
  • Occasional social outings should you want to participate (1-2x annually)

Coaches Committee Roles and Responsibilities
There are many things the Program Director needs assistance with during the session. Based on your own skillset and interest, the Program Director may arrange to have you help with any of the following items before, during, or after a KEEN session:

  • Welcoming and orienting new volunteers (training outline will be provided)
  • Passing out nametags to new and returning volunteers/taking attendance
  • Welcoming athletes to the session and passing out athlete nametags
  • Leading group activities during the session (i.e. relay races, parachute games, etc.)
  • Coming up with ideas for activities to incorporate in sessions
  • Aiding in matching athletes with volunteers
  • Facilitating the start of KEENQuatics programming
  • Being in charge of the session should the Program Director need to leave the session to speak with parents or start another program
  • In absence of the Program Director, a Coaches Committee member may be asked to be responsible to lead an entire session (instructions will be provided)
  • Being responsible for session set-up and/or clean-up
  • Bringing your ideas and feedback to the Program Director! I you have any of your own thoughts on how our program can be better, please make your suggestions.
  • There are ways to be involved outside of sessions should this interest you. Coaches Committee members can assist in new program development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and more as they are interested and their time permits.

If you are interested in being a part of this group to support KEEN's programming, please email

KEEN Chicago Coaches Committee Members:
Stacy Friederick
Nick Geeslin
Kevin Graczyk
Bridget Hays
Sarah Hoesley
Cortney Jerzy
Nelia Kishkan
Melanie Knox
Hannah Lattanzio
Marko Martinovski
Joshua McKeever
Sagar Mungole
Nicky Snabes
Annie Shapiro
Luke Sherrill
Tracy Tauro
Jeff Underwood