KEEN Sports

Program Description

During sports programming, athletes and volunteers come together for loosely structured sports activities. Our sports program is one of the favorites by many of our youth. Athletes develop friendships as they participate in physical activities and have free play opportunities that meet sensory and recreational needs! Activities within sports sessions typically include, but are not limited to: basketball, scooters, t-ball, soccer, relay races, ball play, and more. We work to provide 1:1 support within our sports sessions when safety allows, sometimes this is not possible due to safety limitations related to COVID-19.

Each session ends with everyone coming together in a circle (although some athletes still need to run around its periphery, and that’s okay) and sharing with the group what they did that day “that made them very Proud.” We then play parachute games and sing the hokey pokey. Athletes burn energy, meet and interact with new volunteers, see old friends, and then rejoin their parents.

Ages: 5-21

Session Information

We meet for KEEN Sports on the 2nd a Saturday and Sunday of each month near UIC and the 1st Sunday of each month in Evanston. 

Program Location