Jamilah Rahim

Jamilah Rahim is currently the Corporate Marketer for Cornerstones Autism Services and the owner of Spectrum Toy Store, the only toy store in Illinois for children with developmental disabilities.  Spectrum toy store offers sensory items and small group programs for children with diverse needs and is located in the heart of Chicago. 
Jamilah is a graduate from Pacific University, where she received a Masters degree in Special Education.  After graduation, Jamilah launched her career as a Special Education teacher in a "self contained classroom" where many children had a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and individualized behavior plans as part of their IEP.  This eventually led to an interest in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Jamilah then attended Florida Institute of Technology where she completed her coursework in Behavior Analysis.  During her field work in ABA, Jamilah noticed a huge need for a toy store for individuals with sensory needs.  At this point she opened Spectrum Toy Store in 2016.  Wanting to stay involved in outreach in the community she serves, Jamilah also took on the role as Corporate Marketer for Cornerstones Autism Services.  At CAS Jamilah has grown the company over thirty percent in less than a year and continues to assume this position.

Corporate Marketer, Cornerstones Autism Services
Board of Directors