Ebrahim El Kalza

Half art, half science and all heart, Ebrahim has no shortage of passion when it comes to making work that works. That means asking the tough questions up front, never mistaking the forest for the trees, seeing constellations in a sky full of stars and maintaining a firm bias toward actionable insights and measurable results. Over his 15+ years as a management consultant, brand manager, researcher, brand planner and creative strategist, he has reliably gravitated toward his clients’ most profound brand and business challenges, affording him unique opportunities to reposition, reboot and transform some of the world’s most well-known brands. Ebrahim started his career in Canada, completed studies in France and now resides in Chicago, Illinois with his dog Frasier, where he leads Brand Strategy for Weber Shandwick, a global leader in earned communications.

Brand Strategy, Weber Shandwick
Board of Directors