Active-at-Home kits

Thanks to support from the Andrew and Alice Fischer Charitable Trust we can now send Active-at-Home kits directly to our Athletes at their place of residence!

The first kit will be sent mid-March and will be themed in-line with our new KEEN Performs programming and upcoming talent show. The kit includes a variety of music, art, and performance items as well as a list of supplemental activities you can try at home. We will continue our Active-at-Home kit quarterly, and items will supplement our live program! Any KEEN Chicago Athlete with an application on file can request to receive a kit at home.

All of our available Active-at-Home kits for Spring 2021 have been reserved, however, we will be doing another round of kits in June 2021. Stay tuned!

All are welcome to utilize our Active-at-Home Kit Activity guide for at home fun.
View the full guide by clicking here.

If you have questions or to learn more, email